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Some of the most expensive views in America

9. Fairmont Hotel presidential penthouse suite • Value: $20 million • Location: San Francisco -- This is the glorious City by the Bay as seen from the terrace of the Fairmont's VIP presidential penthouse. Unlike some other "presidential" suites, U.S. presidents—as well as rock stars and royalty—have actually slept here. -- It's not for sale, but the Fairmont values the recently renovated suite at $20 million, so waking up there will run you $15,000 a night (breakfast included). (Photo by Fairmont Hotel)

These are the most expensive views in America

In the world of superluxury real estate, location, location, location isn't worth all that much unless it includes views, views, views. In other words, to command an eye-popping price tag, a property had better have eye-popping scenery.