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ROMANIA: A train travels on the newly constructed bridge over the Danube River that links Calafat in Romania to Vidin in Bulgaria, 320 km (199 miles) southwest of Bucharest. The bridge, measuring 2 km (1.24 miles) long and built with a budget of 275 million Euros ($362 million), is the biggest construction project in Bulgaria and one of the most important projects supported by the European Union, constructors said. It includes a road and railway track.

The world's most amazing bridges

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Bridges have conquered civilizations, connected races and brought cultures into contact and conflict. At their simplest, however, they have enabled human beings (and animals) to explore and discover land masses separated by great, intractable bodies of water.

Consider for heft London's iconic Tower Bridge and the imposing Sydney Harbour Bridge, or for tasteful architecture the exquisitely beautiful Pont Alexandre III in Paris and Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence.