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Travel Philippines UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Baroque Churches. Should you ever find yourself in the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, a visit to one of its historic churches ought to be included in your itinerary. The World Heritage lists four baroque churches built during Hispanic times, between the 16th and 18th century, located in the capital Manila, the province of Iloilo and two in the Ilocos region up north. The Paoay Church (photo) in Ilocos Norte offers a picturesque backdrop to make you want to walk down the aisle in this historic architecture. Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion Church down south in Ilocos Sur also ought to be a heritage stop. Because unlike most churches located in the center of town, the Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion Church isn’t located in the center of town. Instead, it is on top of a hill, and you’ll have to climb a flight of 82 steps to get to it. The climb is worth it though—not only for the quad workout, but also to see the church’s unique architectural structure, reminiscent of a stonewall fortress used by early Spanish settlements.

The World's Great Cathedrals

Though cathedrals by definition are Christian churches which contain the

seat of a bishop, the term is also used to describe churches of

outstanding structural beauty and grandeur. Take a tour of these great

cathedrals, basilicas and churches from around the world. Most of the

churches in this photo-gallery are Roman Catholic basilicas, but we have

also chosen cathedrals affiliated to Orthodox churches and the Church

of England for wider representation.