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The most exciting cities in America: category winners virginia beach

The most park acres per person: Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Virginia Beach boardwalk is pictured. "We looked at the amount of park acres per person because we felt that everyone needs a place to reconnect with nature, go for a picnic, or play a quick pickup game," Movoto explains. Still, Virginia Beach didn't manage to place in the top 10 most exciting cities.

The most exciting cities in America: winners in each category

The bloggers at Movoto Real Estate recently ranked the 10 most exciting cities in America based on a number of categories: park acreage per resident; density of bars, movie theaters, music venues, museums and theater companies; a youthful population (defined as ages 20 to 34); population diversity; and two negative indicators, the density of fast-food restaurants and Target/Walmart stores.

Pictured you'll find the winners of each individual category.

To see the 10 cities that topped the overall rankings, visit Yahoo! Homes' Spaces blog.