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National Geographic: "The Serengeti Lion" project

Cubs of the Simba East pride: too young to kill but old enough to crave meat. Adult females, and sometimes males, do the hunting. Zebras and wildebeests rank high as chosen prey in the rainy season.  (© Michael Nichols/National Geographic).

National Geographic: "The Serengeti Lion" project

The August issue of National Geographic magazine features an in-depth

look at lions. Photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols spent over 2 years in

the field for this assignment, living in the Serengeti to capture

one-of-a-kind photos of lion behavior. National Geographic has just

launched an amazing web experience showcasing Nichols' work.

of the unique aspects of the project is all the technology that Nichols

and his team utilized in the field (infrared cameras, robots,

helicopters, camera traps, remote controlled cars); the result are

images like never before seen. Here's a Q&A,

along with video, with Nichols regarding "How to Take Stunning Lion

Photos". This project was the culmination of 7 years worth of work and

was certainly Nick's dream assignment. (National Geographic)