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Instagram worthy beaches

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Running for about 2.5km, White Sand Beach (or Haad Sai Khao) is one of the longest beaches located on the west coast of Koh Chang. This spot is far from what one would deem quiet, the lively crowd of visitors and frequent football and volleyball games during sunset may be inevitable when it comes to capturing landscapes. White Sand Beach also has a satisfactory range of shopping and banking options.

Most Instagram-worthy beaches in Thailand

We understand and are coming to terms with the Instagram phenomenon and while the rising number of selcas (self cam picture) seems to be dominating the world of the online photo-sharing social network, we can’t help but to notice also the countless of travel photos that have been surfacing – a portable gallery of undiscovered lands and seas beckons. And so we submit to the beckoning as there’s really nothing like lying on a white sandy beach, soaking up the sun while the mind struggles to push away messages of community advertisements advising against tanning activities, while absorbing the sound of waves crashing. We know a number of beaches close to home, namely Thailand, that really have the potential of rolling in those Instagram likes – these are beaches no filter can dull.