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Weirdest things you can claim on taxes

Extra food for couriers
If you’re a bike or foot courier, you need extra fuel to keep up with all that physical activity, right? Well, the Canada Revenue Agency agrees and they consider it a legitimate work expense.
According to Golden Girl Finance, “The Federal Court of Appeal ruled the additional food required by a foot and transit courier because of the extra energy he expended could be claimed as a business expense.”
So be sure to save all those Cliff Bar receipts!

The most bizarre things you can claim on your taxes

With tax season upon us, everyone should be getting ready to file those returns that is, if you haven’t done it already (why wait?). A big part of the filing process is working out all the deductions you plan on claiming.

It’s common knowledge that charitable donations and many expenses for work can be claimed. But those certainly aren’t the only deductions that one can make. There are some that are, shall we say, less orthodox.

Here are some of the oddest things that can be claimed on your taxes.