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"'My dog ate my homework' didn't work in high school, and it won't work today. And, yet, plenty of people think they can get away with submitting their work hours or days late. Not so.

If you have no choice but to work with these people, you need to set different deadlines and guidelines for them. I once had a client who habitually strolled into meetings 15 to 30 minutes late - Starbucks cup in hand. It drove me crazy. So, I decided to think proactively. Before our next meeting, I let her know I was heading to Starbucks and would love to pick up her favorite drink. She was happy for the offer and actually showed up on time. This became a weekly process. However, if she ever came late again, I planned to tell her meetings were starting 15 to 30 minutes earlier than they actually were."

Meet the 10 Worst Coworkers, Ever

By Neha Gandhi, Refinery29

Sometimes, people are the worst. Okay, not all the people, but definitely that guy who's always lurking, trying to ask an inane question while you're in the middle of a crisis. Or, the girl who's perpetually trying to show you up - even when you're NOT competing with her.

Sigh. And, look, we can't help you wave a magic wand and get rid of the people making your work life hard. (Sorry.) But, we can teach you a little bit about 10 of the personalities who are the most dangerous - and show you how to deal with them like a pro. It's all courtesy of Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's in-house career pro and the author of Girl On Top: Your Guide To Turning Dating Rules Into Career Success.

Ahead, her definitive guide to handling the jerkuses at your office. And, no, none of these solutions involve labeling your stapler (although, we'll admit we've definitely done that before).

P.S., we know we've missed a few. Like, say, The Pontificator, The Business-Jargon Obsessive, The Micromanager, The Pot-Stirrer - the list goes on. So, go ahead and add your biggest pet peeves in the comments. You know, for round two.

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