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Destinations to Watch in 2014

NETHERLANDS - Mark your calendars: On April 26, 2014, the whole of the Netherlands will be celebrating King's Day. The springtime holiday is normally called Queen's Day, but in 2014—for the first time since 1890—the country will crown a male monarch: King Willem-Alexander. (King's Day will take place annually on Willem-Alexander's birthday, April 27, but since the holiday isn't celebrated on a Sunday, the festivities in 2014 will happen on April 26.) - What does it mean? Parties! It's a public holiday typically teeming with brightly decorated canal boats, outdoor dance parties, and live music. Check out 2013's Queen's Day roster, and expect bigger and more raucous happenings during next year's historic celebration. - Photo by spotter_nl via flickr/CC Attribution

Destinations to watch in 2014

We see dazzling skyscraper debuts, earthshaking sports events, and royal coronations in your future. We're not psychic. But we can predict where packs of travelers might be heading to next: extraordinary cities and countries set to shine in the coming year. The following places all have something really special happening in 2014—whether it's a momentous anniversary, an acclaimed event, or just one really big, marvelous party. Here are 10 destinations that are taking center stage in 2014. |

Caroline Costello

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