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Spain Financial Crisis Evictions

A banner reading "No more families without house, It is our right" as Jose Gonzalez Del Pliego, 71 years old, gestures while he waits for the police to evict his family and demolish the house by a forced expropriation in Madrid, Spain

Corruption and Forced Evictions in Madrid

The Government of Madrid applied a forced expropriation on Angeles Garcia Gonzalez and her family, including two couples with two children each and two elderly people. Angeles Garcia Gonzalez says the Government of Madrid has been trying to expropriate of their house since 2004 (during the Spanish property bubble) to build apartments and sell them at what she considers a real estate speculation with the excuse that the house interferes with the Urban Plan.

She says the government has offered them 326.000 euros ($ 432.377) approximately half of what the family received as appraisal for the house, euros 742.000 ($984.097). The eviction and demolition was not carried out due to the opposition of the Victims' Mortgage Platform (PAH).

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