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Photographer Olivier Grunewald captures Cano Cristales: 'River of Five Colors'

An overhead view of the Cano Cristales RIver in the Sierra de la Macarena in Colombia. (Photograph by Olivier Grunewald)

Colombian river literally runs with five natural colours

For a few weeks every year, Cano Cristales a small river flowing through the Sierra de la Macarena in Colombia’s province of Meta, dons an dazzling array of colors. "El rio mas bonito del Mundo", the most beautiful river of the world, are the shimmering appellations that Colombians give to Cano Cristales, a small stream located in the heart of the Macarena National Park, 150 km (93 miles) south of Bogota. Between the eco-guides, pirogues drivers and derived jobs, Cano Cristales and its colors help nearly 300 families that once depended on farming and coca to live. The national park generally closes its doors in November in order to preserve the Macarena clavigera reproduction that will dons an dazzling array of colors next July to the river known as the 'Escaped from Paradise'.