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fall foliage

Mount Magazine Scenic Byway, Ark.
For: Vivid Vistas of Mountain Colors and a Lovely Lake

Start at Havana, and drive right up Mount Magazine, which happens to be the tippy top of Arkansas at 2,800 feet. You will be glad you did. The view goes on forever, in every possible direction, in the vivid colors of autumn, capped by blue.
From this aerie, you can gaze down at a deep blue lake—not surprisingly called Blue Mountain Lake—and can see foliage that may top any other fall vistas you’ve seen. There are numerous campgrounds there, if you want to feel the fall, but The Lodge at Mount Magazine offers beautiful views of the lake and the Petit Jean River Valley. Adventure lovers can soar over the valley via hang glider. Others may just enjoy leaning against a tree and gazing at the superb scenery below. (Photo: Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

America's best fall foliage

There’s something so exhilarating about those glorious first days of autumn, when the autumn leaves start their quick-change act, shifting from green to scarlet or vivid gold or Halloween orange, in what seems like a matter of minutes. Here are the top 10 best American destinations to enjoy the change of season. | By Melissa Burdick Harmon, Compass