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Cover A $2 million mobile home in Malibu

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A $2 million mobile home in Malibu

This is no ordinary mobile home. It's no ordinary location, either.

Actress Betsy Russell of the "Saw" franchise, who played killer Jigsaw's ex-wife, is selling her three-bedroom, four-full-bath custom home above Southern California's Zuma Beach. It boasts the "best whitewater ocean views in Malibu under $2 million," the listing says. It's offered at a dollar less than $2 million.

Besides those killer views, the buyer will get 3,090 square feet of living space with heated limestone floors, stainless steel appliances, and granite and marble countertops.

Oh -- and the buyer will also get a monthly bill of $3,565 for the privilege of living in the park. (That's on top of any mortgage payment.)

Any takers? The listing agent is Madison Hildebrand -- himself a star, as one of the featured brokers in Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." | By Jennifer Karmon, Yahoo! Homes