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Jeep Grand Cherokees Recall

Rows of 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokees are lined up outside the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. After an agreement between Chrysler and the U.S. government to remove about 1.2 million Jeep Grand Cherokees, model years 1999 to 2004, from a recall in June 2013, some owners are confused about the safety of their vehicles. Chrysler argued that those Jeeps have a different design than the ones it agreed to recall and are as safe as comparable models from other automakers.

The 25 Most 'Patriotic' Brands

July 4 – the time for barbeques, the beach and fireworks. It’s also when some companies play up their all-American roots to appeal to the country’s patriotic sentiment. Brand Keys, a New York-based marketing research firm, released a survey to identify which of 197 brands were deemed the most “patriotic” by 4,500 consumers. The list of the most patriotic brands, published in USA Today, includes iconic American names like Levi’s and Coca-Cola, as well as a few surprises.

Here’s the full list. (Percentages indicate the strength of emotional engagement for the single value of “patriotism” the brand gets credit for.)