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Photos: Whole cities that billionaires could afford

The Walton Family, Seattle (and more)

The Walton Family collectively has the largest fortune in the world, so they could buy quite a bit before wiping away their fortune. Even Seattle’s $111.5 billion price tag would leave them with enough left over to afford some of the other cities on this list. Beyond that they could afford Dallas for $109.4 billion, Washington, D.C. for roughly the same, Miami for $92.8 billion, Portland for a billion less, Baltimore and Austin, Texas for $88.8 billion, Las Vegas for $86.5 billion, San Antonio for $85.8 billion and Atlanta for $78.1 billion.

Pictured is Seattle's priciest single-family home right now: a 7,000-square-foot 3-bedroom for $11.5 million.

23 billionaires who could buy entire cities

If these billionaires wanted to buy these cities, they could, according a data analysis published on Yahoo Homes' Spaces blog. | By Ilyce Glink, Yahoo Homes