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15 fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about Amazon

“Amazon” wasn’t the company’s original name.
Jeff Bezos originally wanted to give the company the magical sounding name “Cadabra.”
Amazon’s first lawyer, Todd Tarbert, convinced him that the name sounded too similar to “Cadaver,” especially over the phone.
Bezos also favored the name “Relentless.” If you visit today, guess where it navigates to…
He finally chose “Amazon” because he liked that the company would be named after the largest river in the world, hence the company’s original logo.

15 fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about Amazon

When Amazon first launched in 1995 as a website that only sold books, founder Jeff Bezos had a vision for the company’s explosive growth and e-commerce domination.

He knew from the very beginning, he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store.”

In author Brad Stone’s 2013 book on the origins of Amazon, he paints a picture of the early days of the company and how it grew into the behemoth that it is today.

Here are some interesting tidbits from those early days.

This story originally appeared as an article by Business Insider here. 

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