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Les sardines grillées

Manger des sardines vous rappellera forcément les mois plus chauds. Vous pouvez les déguster en mars, que vous le croyiez ou non ! Elles sont faciles à préparer et vraiment saines, une bonne option à savourer avant l’arrivée du printemps. [Photo : Getty]

13 March meals to get you looking forward to spring

March is here, when we feel like we might just see the sunshine soon and kiss goodbye to cold, grey days and switch hearty winter warmers for meals that are a little bit lighter and bring with them the taste of spring.

Whether it’s baby leeks and spinach or sprouting broccoli and spring onions, or cockles and oysters or the last of the venison, it’s time to get excited about the arrival of spring with some of these dishes.

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Why you should never keep milk in the fridge door 

Why you should never keep milk in the fridge door