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11 useless things celebs spend their money on

Kim Basinger

Remember when Kim Basinger was at the height of her career, and she managed to string together roles in a few box office hits? That meant she suddenly had money, and maybe too much of it. At least that’s the read we got after learning that Basinger took $20 million of that profit and invested it in the town of Braselton, Georgia. Her plan, along with a few other investors, was to turn the town of less than 8,000 into a tourist attraction. Half a decade later they sold it off for a fraction of the original cost, and Basinger declared bankruptcy.

11 useless things celebs spend their money on

When it comes to our hard-earned dollars, many of us feel lucky if we’ve got a little extra leftover at the end of the month to afford a well-earned vacation, top off our savings accounts or a small night out on the town. So it’s pretty unfathomable when we hear about the millions of dollars celebs spend on mansions, Bugattis or other luxurious items that not even winning the lottery could allow us to afford.

Then there’s the celebrity spending that just seems utterly ridiculous. The items they spend their money on that are so lavishly over-the-top you can’t help but wonder when ‘a lot’ becomes ‘too much.’ -- Amber Dowling