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Acura ZDX

1. Acura ZDX: This oddly shaped alternative to the otherwise amenable Acura MDX midsize luxury crossover SUV takes all the "utility" out of "sport utility." It performs well but the sweeping coupe-like roofline tends to render the back seat and cargo area all but useless. MSRP: $50,920; 2013 sales: 361.

10 worst-selling cars of 2013

Our colleagues at Autoblog recently scoured automakers’ year-end sales reports and compiled a rogue’s gallery of the 10 absolute worst selling cars of the year. How bad were they? Their 12-month combined sales volume (13,118 units) wouldn’t fill a big-city stadium parking lot. The field was limited to model lines that were on sale for all of 2013, and those having a sticker price under $100,000, with the latter caveat excluding big-ticket supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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