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Jaguar F-Type

1. Jaguar F-Type R ($99,000) – The British marque makes a triumphant return to the sports car scene with the growling F-Type. Boasting a healthy V8 engine and rear drive platform, the F-Type will surely be a driving enthusiast choice soon enough.

10 future collectible cars from 2014

With so much attention focused on the record breaking classic car sales

and their rapidly increasing values, many enthusiasts often wonder which

cars of today will be collectible down the road. Always keeping an eye

on the market, the collector car experts at Hagerty released their

annual list of vehicles that stand out as likely being collectible

within the next 25 years.

In order to be considered for this

years “Hagerty Hot List,” the vehicle must be produced within the 2014

model year with an MSRP of less than $100,000. Special consideration was

given to newly launched versions not appearing on previous Hagerty Hot