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“No Valentine? This List of Top 10 Love Coaches Has You Covered”

·9 min read

Here is our Valentine’s Day Special: Top 10 Love Coaches in 2021.

If you don’t have a valentine this year, we have you covered. This list features our favorite love coaches across the world.

We would like to thank the team at Authority Sharks for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Youtuber, television personality, and author of ‘Get the Guy.’ Matthew Hussey is our star selection for this article.

Matthew offers several programs that include online and in-person training in the U.K or the United States. His main objective? To help single women ‘Get the Guy.’

Matthew Hussey has been a life and love coach for over a decade with thousands of clients. With a price tag of $10,000+ on some of his programs, he still provides incredible value on his youtube channel and social media profiles for those looking for free advice. When it comes to “getting the guy,” Matthew believes women should set their standards high and be confident with a small hint of challenge to attract men.

Matthew helps women face and conquer online/technology-driven dating challenges, making him perfect for millennial ladies looking for a valentine.

If you’re looking for the “best practical advice for your love life,” check out Matthew Hussey.

Coming in first, Orsi Jones is an author and love coach for women established in their career and ready to “have a beautiful family with a fantastic partner, but can’t seem to find the right man for some reason.” Orsi founded Jump With Orsi Coaching with only one goal in mind: “Help women become UNSTOPPABLE.”

With her proven “UNLEASH YOUR FABULOUS” method, Orsi has coached thousands of women that were stuck in a revolving door of unsuccessful relationships and helped them find the love of their lives. With her guidance, “women have learned to shine as they have never shined before” and become the best version of themselves.

As Orsi is coaching each of her clients herself, their success is guaranteed. In her coaching, women understand the patterns that have led to failed relationships. They discover a unique way to attract men and learn to use their intuition to select the “One and Only” carefully.

Orsi truly believes that “we were born to be amazing, we deserve to be loved and have an extremely joyful life. Limits only exist in our minds.” With over ten years of experience, Orsi found a way to “rewire our thoughts” and changed many women’s lives.

Orsi also leads retreats in Thailand and California. These luxurious hideaways help women regain their long-lost faith in their beautiful selves in just a few days. “Her life-changing sanctuary is truly one of a kind that is a must-do on every woman’s list.”

Our second selection, Diana Eskander, has an uncanny ability to unlock a woman’s inner Queen, who naturally brings out the best in her King. As an Expert Love Coach and Founder of the School of Love, Diana has helped hundreds of women around the world meet their matches and access deeper layers of love in their existing relationships; her clients describe her as “the right blend of brilliance and intuition.” She’s been selected as a TEDx speaker, featured on Global TV, and is a contributor to Thrive, making her the reference for women who crave a different approach to love – one that gets them out of their heads and into their hearts. With a focus on personal sovereignty and emotional intelligence, Diana helps the conscious woman to speak her truth, rise in her feminine, and experience love with ease. Get in touch with Diana and her team here:

Our third selection, Viraja Prema, Ph. Dc HHP, is a Love and Intimacy Coach, Healing Facilitator, International Speaker, and Mother of two. She leads with compassion, empathy, direct experience, wisdom, intuition, and love (sprinkled with playfulness).

She has spent over 15,000 hours helping thousands of people in the fields of personal growth and development, intimacy and relating, healing and empowerment, spirituality, and awakening.

Viraja’s exceptional ability to guide and hold space has come from over 30 years of coaching, healing, and specialized transformational group facilitation.

To get a taste of some of Viraja’s work, download your free Viraja “Fresh Start” recorded practice.

She has appeared on the Anderson Cooper Show, SHOWTIME, CBS, NBC; hosted and spoken on FM talk radio, various Podcasts, and numerous stages worldwide.

Viraja’s work supports overcoming anxiety, trauma, fear, and separation and moving towards safety, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, feeling secure, and being fully loved for all of who you are.

Viraja is offering a powerful FREE virtual program because most women are always giving, and even if they are rocking it, they still need love.

Free 5 Day “Receive More Love” Challenge for women.

We have Girisha Andrea, a Certified S*x, Love and Relationship Coach at selection four.

In the last 15+ years, Girisha Andrea has helped thousands of women from different cultures ready for a life-changing momentum and break-free from hiding shame and secrecy by owning their femininity and who they were.

She is the creator of the Empress-O Method. With her holistic approach, her clients can heal their childhood/s*xual traumas and experience real transformation in their love & intimate life.

She helps women to feel safe and intimate with their bodies and partners & enjoying their truth and essence of who they are.

She truly believes that “Love, Pleasure, and Happiness are our birth-right, we deserve to feel at home in our body without shame and drama.”

If this resonates with you and you feel ready to become that woman, contact Girisha Andrea.

Our fifth selection, Stacey Murphy, is a 2-time International Best-Selling Author, love coach, and certified sex coach for high-achieving professional women striving for relationship harmony and career success. The mission of the Vixen Academy’s founder is simple, “Teach women how to authentically feel strong, feminine & seductive in the presence of high-caliber men.”

Stacey believes “the secret to her coaching is teaching women how to understand men while also addressing the top 3 reasons relationships fail – incompatibility, money, and sex.” Stacey has coached thousands of women. Her proven Manifest Your Man Program has allowed her clients to attract and maintain relationships leading to engagements and marriage even during the pandemic.

Stacey’s clients have also transformed into charismatic leaders, being showcased on Ted Talk and increasing their wealth by 5-figures. Stacey has found a way to “integrate love, sex, and money into a powerful cocktail contributing to successful relationships.”

Our sixth selection comes with “double the power” – Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza, aka The Love Twins, are Transformational Love Coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International. As internationally sought-out coaches and speakers, “they help smart, successful women worldwide have success in love by attracting the RIGHT man, creating and keeping the happy relationships of their dreams, and reigniting the passion and intimacy in relationships once thought to be beyond repair.”

Their introspective approach has women “remove the fears and barriers that have blocked them from having happy, intimate relationships so they can create extraordinary relationships and live their heart’s desire.”

They believe that women never have to choose between having a prosperous, fulfilling career or an extraordinary, loving relationship. “You can be the Unstoppable Woman at work and the Irresistible Woman in your love life!” If you’re a successful woman wanting more success in love and want to connect with Gladys & Michelle, click here.

At seven, Barbara Klein is the founder of The Best You, Dating, and Life Coaching.

She helps singles who feel frustrated and lonely by teaching them how to discover their self-worth through her Love Story Programs, so they can fall in love without compromising their boundaries.

Through her Love Story Programs, she helps others transform who they see in the mirror & uncovers their dream partner avatar. Barbara assists in creating a “Scroll Stopping” Online Profile; she counsels through the communication and meeting opportunities. Clients are clear about their boundaries, red-flags, and must-haves.

“With Barbara’s guidance, I gained clarity about my strengths, weaknesses and how they affect my relationship choices and outcomes.”

If you are “struggling with attracting the wrong matches, fearful of online-dating, confused about starting,” contact Barbara Klein.

For over a decade, our eighth selection, Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker, CHt, has helped conscious singles struggling to meet people who match what they desire. She helps them find the right partner to create a healthy relationship with. Her unique, holistic, “inside out” approach to love life transformations has resulted in her clients achieving some of the highest success rates with finding the right partner and creating a healthy relationship in the entire industry. Her mission is to increase the number of happy couples on the planet dramatically. She is also an author, highly sought-after professional speaker, and the creator of the What’s Your #1 Relationship Killer(Afreeonline assessment tool/results report). To access the quiz, click here

. You can also discover more about the services and products her company Joytopia provides by clicking



At nine, we have Gina Giro, the founder of Self Love School. This coaching program teaches you how to begin loving yourself unconditionally and reminds you of your innate self-worth. Gina works with women and teen girls mostly, but several men have been through Self Love School. “Self Love is for everyone!” Gina says.

Gina is a trusted life coach and also incorporates “The Emotion Code” energy healing, which identifies and releases the trapped emotions that create emotional baggage, mistrust, or self-doubt, to name a few.

Gina has been a Self Love coach for four years and has shared the tools and techniques for realizing your self-worth, creating a positive body image, and unconditional self-love to over 200 women.

Click here to check out Gina’s coaching and energy healing packages.

This list is packed with so many great experts that our final selection could easily be the most qualified love coach in her whole state.

Carisa Montooth is a Love Coach and 6th generation “Energy Healer” whose mission is to help single, high-vibe women heal their hearts and attract new love.

Contrary to “tough love” advice from celebrated “love gurus” who tell women to date online or make changes to their appearance, Carisa teaches her clients how to heal the energy of their Divine Blueprint for Love so that they attract new relationships quickly. Since opening her unique hybrid love coaching/energy healing practice in 2016, 87% of her clientele are in happy, healthy, committed relationships within 3-6 months of working with her.

Through her e-book,

The Heartache Cure


, and private coaching programs, she helps single women heal from past heartache and attract new, satisfying relationships without self-sabotage.

If you are a single woman wanting to get in touch with Carisa’s team, click here.

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