Workers flee 93-floor New York skyscraper as building starts shaking: ‘It is very scary’

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A number of workers fled the new One Vanderbilt skyscraper in Manhattan on Tuesday after they felt the building shake.

A spokesperson for the building, constructed at a cost of more than $3bn just north of the Grand Central terminal, said the shaking was caused by elevator repairs did not cause any injuries.

Workers didn’t know that, however, when they felt a tremor in the building and feared it was going to collapse. Bridgette Devine tweeted that she was working at the building when it “felt like the floor dropped 5 feet.”

“Working at #onevanderbilt today and it felt like the floor dropped 5 feet and continued to bounce,” Ms Devine wrote. “Evacuated to Madison Avenue and mutiple (sic) floors are reporting this. 13, 33, and 60. So far they say they are investigating and there is ‘no cause for concern’. It is very scary.”

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