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Woodstock 50 Is Here — How Much Do the Tickets Cost?

Christina Majaski
Miley Cyrus performing
  • Jay-Z, The Killers and Dead & Company will headline.
  • The festival will take place in Watkins Glen, New York.
  • Although the original 1969 concert was free, Woodstock tickets now cost hundreds.

Two years after the infamous “Summer of Love” of 1967 swept up America in a new hippie subculture, one of the most famous music festivals of all time would rock an entire generation.

Woodstock was more than a gathering of rock musicians and their hundreds of thousands of fans — it was a moment that would forever embody the beatnik generation and their freewheeling allies.

Now, half a century later, Woodstock 50 promises to be the modern incarnation of the festival, promoting brotherhood, sisterhood and the idea that love conquers all.

But how much is it gonna cost, man?

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How Much Do Woodstock Tickets Cost?

The official Woodstock site still needs to update its ticket info, but current Woodstock 50 ticket prices as listed on sites such as and StubHub are going for nearly $600. For comparison, Coachella 2019 tickets cost anywhere from around $420 to $550, according to Forbes.

Woodstock 50 is nearly $600 more expensive than Woodstock ’69. As detailed by, when faced with the prospect of countless concert-goers — and having no efficient way to actually charge them at the gate, or maintain security — Woodstock organizers decided to make the event entirely free.

Given that many attendees had paid for festival tickets in advance before the aforementioned decision, Woodstock Ventures eventually had to refund the face value of between 12,000 and 18,000 tickets, per LouderSound.

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How Much Is an Original Woodstock 1969 Ticket Worth?

cost of Woodstock tickets

Although the original festival was free, if you’re still holding on to a ticket from the event, it could be worth some extra cash. Original Woodstock 1969 tickets and paraphernalia are available on eBay for anywhere from $15 to a couple thousand dollars, depending on condition and rarity. Many music fans and history buffs consider the tickets to be collector’s items.

Whether you attended the original or plan on attending Woodstock 50, it might be worth it to hang on to your tickets, either way.

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Woodstock 50 Lineup

Rap mogul Jay-Z is slated to headline the three-day festival. Indie rockers The Killers and Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company will lead the first and second days, respectively.

The eclectic mixture of music at Woodstock 50 reflects the diversity present during the 1969 original. Check out some of the acts in the Woodstock 50 lineup:

  • Run the Jewels
  • Janelle Monáe
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Chance the Rapper
  • The Black Keys
  • Vince Staples
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Halsey
  • Greta Van Fleet
  • Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters
  • Santana

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Where Will Woodstock 2019 Be Held?

You’d think Woodstock would take place in Woodstock, New York, but Woodstock 50 will take place in Watkins Glen, a village in upstate New York. The event is scheduled for Aug. 16 through Aug. 18. With Watkins Glen population numbering fewer than 2,000, it seems likely that festival goers will outnumber locals by a significant ratio.

There is always a high likelihood that lodgings — whether hotel, motel or Airbnb — will be booked up in record time as soon as tickets go on sale, so it would be prudent to start looking at options sooner rather than later.

Whatever your means of travel and choice of accommodation, find out the cheapest time to book any trip.

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