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Woman charged with starting wildfire in California while trying to boil bear urine to drink

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A woman has been charged and accused of starting a huge wildfire in California that has destroyed 41 homes. The woman also claims that the fire was accidentally triggered while she was trying to boil bear urine so that she could drink it.

The woman has been identified as Alexandra Souverneva, 30, who is currently facing felony arson charges. She is a former forestry student who describes her current job profile as a 'shaman' on her Linkedin page.

As per the Daily Mail, Souverneva found a puddle containing bear urine and she attempted to light a fire in order to boil the liquid. When she could not light a fire, she drank the liquid anyway and went on with her hike. However, a few workers who caught her acting suspicious on property in Shasta County, claim that they later saw her emerging near the fire line and asking fire crews for help.

"We are aware that there are possible additional fires here in our county that she may be linked to as well as other charges in other fires, statewide. My office will not hesitate to prosecute (any) person who either intentionally or recklessly starts a fire," District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett said.

Meanwhile, authorities state that Souverneva could face up to nine years in state prison. Maybe, she could also face more charges as the investigation is still underway and the fire is still burning. According to Cal Fire, the Fawn Fire began on 22 September and as of 27 September, only 60 percent has been contained.

Reports also suggest that the fire has burned down more than 8,500 acres including trees, houses, and other things. Additionally, officials report that around 2,000 other structures are at high risk and people in neighbouring areas may have to evacuate soon.

Currently, Souverneva from Palo Alto, California has been arrested and booked into Shasta County Jail. Moreover, she has not pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, the prosecutor asserted that Souverneva could also be suspected of setting up more fires in the county and other areas of California.

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