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We’ve made Yahoo Finance Premium better for you.

Umair Malik
Yahoo Finance Premium

We recently rolled out several enhancements to Yahoo Finance Premium, and we’re excited to share them with you. These features, along with existing Yahoo Finance Premium features, should help you navigate the volatile markets.

Historical Financial Company Data

Yahoo Finance Premium offers the highest quality data, especially when it comes to fundamentals.

  • You can access historical and current, comprehensive, and comparative information on securities in worldwide, developed, and emerging markets.

  • Composed of annual and interim/quarterly data, financials data includes financial statement data, per-share data, and derived key statistics.


Portfolio Analysis - Heatmap

The Heat Map chart displays sector and security level Contribution of Return not over a single timeframe but over all timeframes. It’s a great way to visually evaluate how a portfolio performs throughout a variety of economic and market conditions. Use this to compare how a hot or cold streak stacks up against history, or to see beyond recent returns and stellar averages that may hide a turbulent past.

  • Easily change the analysis time frame to identify specific sub-periods or long-term performance patterns.

  • Analyze how securities have performed relative to each other.

Portfolio heatmap

How To Interpret The Chart:

The Heat Map shows the Sector and company-level contribution to return for every investing timeframe based on when you invested and how long you stayed in the market. Look for the size of the squares to determine the average weight of the respective sector or security over the select period.

Note the color of the square and refer to the guide at the top to find the contribution to return for that timeframe. Alternately, you can hover your mouse over the chart to see the precise return of each individual cell.

Stock Value Analysis

We’ve continued to enhance the experience with the following updates that enable you to conduct meaningful fair value analysis.

  • Contextual tooltips that help you navigate through the feature and offer advice in the right place at the right time

  • Hover-over states in the charts so you can visualize precise values over time.

Fair Value

Blog & Newsletter

We’ve launched a Blog and a Newsletter over the past two months to:

  • Help you understand everything from a broader perspective.

  • Provide analytical coverage of emerging business stories.

Why read this content?

The content in these emails is often selected and delivered because it proved itself beforehand. This curated editorial content is highly read, especially thoughtful, and discussion-generating.

Premium Blog

What’s coming next?

  1. Alerts and Notifications

  2. Proprietary User Insights

  3. Additional Research providers

  4. Interactive charting of fundamental & key ratios

What would you like us to add to your Premium subscription? Comment below.

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