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Wattum Warns of Increased Scammer Activity

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Wattum Warns of Increased Scammer Activity
Wattum Warns of Increased Scammer Activity
Wattum Warns of Increased Scammer Activity

New York, United States, Sept. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bitcoin mining farm management firm Wattum has seen exponential growth over the last 12 months, with a loyal customer base that continues to steadily expand. The growth of any industry sees widespread adoption of its fundamental ideas, increasing the number of people, companies, and general participants active in its continued development.

Unfortunately, as the crypto industry continues to see immense growth and traffic, these participants also include those who try to take advantage of the enthusiasm associated with the crypto landscape. Through copycat websites mimicking the URLs and representatives of well established firms, scammers pose a significant risk to customers and their transactions. Wattum, like many other firms, has experienced infringement upon their domain and is taking notable steps to ensure their clients and partners are confident that they are working with the true Wattum brand.

Wattum has emphasized that their only valid websites are as follows:

All other domains that utilize the Wattum name are unauthorized to do so, are not affiliated with the company brand and are not to be trusted by clients looking to work with Wattum. Wattum urges clients, partners, and competitors alike to take precautions that will protect them from falling under the misleading practices of scammers.

Those working with Wattum should keep in mind that Wattum accepts payment by both cryptocurrency and USD wire. All transactions made with Wattum will provide you with the option to pay via wire, and the bank will always be U.S.-based. Wattum also offers a legal signed agreement with all clients to ensure transactions are valid and safe. Finally, any communication with Wattum via Zoom call will have webcams enabled on both ends so as to provide transparency and assurance that you are speaking with a true Wattum representative.

Since 2017, a variety of copycat websites have surfaced, primarily from the Asia region, that attempt to attract eager Bitcoin miners through fraudulent advertisements. Wattum is dedicated to the success and satisfaction of their customers, and is always available via direct communication through email or telephone to mitigate any concerns or uncertainties.

As the crypto mining industry continues to expand and become more saturated, company trust and transaction security become even more vital. If you feel suspicious during a payment process, or have any questions or concerns, you may contact Wattum via email at, or by telephone at 1 720-706-0673. Always make sure you know before you buy.

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CONTACT: Media Company: Wattum Media Name: Jason Irgang, Media Phone: 1 720-706-0673, Media Email:, Media URL:

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