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Watch: Sikh Men Use Turbans to Rescue Hiker From Waterfall in Canada

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Sikhs are known for their service to society and their never-ending spirit to help others, and no matter where in the world, this virtue is universal among them all.

Kuljinder Kinda, a Sikh from British Columbia, Canada was on a hike with four friends when he saw a man was stuck in a pool below a waterfall after slipping on a rock, according to Global News.

Without wasting another second, Kuljinder and his friends started unwrapping their turbands to save the two men. The incident occurred in the Golden Ears Provincial Park and the video has gone viral. In the video, it is seen how the men used their turbans and a few other pieces of clothing to device a makeshift rope to rescue hiker.

Watch the video here:

In a statement to NBC news, Kuljinder explains how they first tried to contact an emergency number and ask for help, but could not do so as there was no cell phone service in the park.

“Five young males hiking past rendered them aid by taking their turbans off, tying them together and making one long rope,” said Rick Laing, who is the manager of the Search and Rescue team. Before the team could make it there, the men had saved the hiker.

Laing also mentioned that the hiker had ignored many guidelines by going into the waterfall. In fact, the waterfall was behind a fenced area to prevent people from going in it.

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