Watch the 1025-HP Dodge Demon 170 Pull Off Its First Public Drag Run

dodge demon 170 pulls off first public drag strip run
Demon 170 Pulls Off Its First Public Drag RunDodge/MotorTrend/YoUTube

Dodge sent its final gas-powered muscle car off appropriately with a launch down the drag strip at its Monday night unveiling.

Following a dramatic helicopter entry to the drag strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the 1025-hp Demon 170, was sent down the quarter-mile by Dodge engineer Jim Wilder.

(Start the video at 57:25 if the embed gives you trouble.)

There's even a nice, supercharger-whine-backed smoky burnout tossed in as well. Because, obviously.

Though it's unclear what the numbers from this run actually were, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis reminded the crowd of the company's claimed quarter-mile stats. Those being an NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds at 151.17 mph, and a launch of 2.004 gs of accelerative force.

dodge demon 170 pulls off first public drag strip run
Dodge/MotorTrend/YoUTube - Hearst Owned

In this particular run, there's a bit of front-wheel hop off the line, but otherwise, the reincarnated Demon seems to get down the track pretty well. At the end of the quarter-mile, the Demon ejects its parachute, an option available straight from Dodge.


It's hard to make any official impressions based on this short run, but it's safe to say the Demon 170 looks very much at home on the drag strip.

For the full low-down on the Demon 170, visit our full story here.

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