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Vice President Kamala Harris should have visited the southern border sooner

·3 min read

Harris’ border stop

Vice President Kamala Harris made a grave political mistake. She should have visited the southern border before visiting Mexico and Guatemala. This would have played to American voters.

No matter the political spin, a single visit by an American vice president cannot resolve the problems of these countries. But her visit now seems to show her caving to criticism from Republicans for not visiting the border.

Also, former President Donald Trump is claiming that Harris is going because he plans to a trip to the border next week. Harris has given Trump and the Republican Party ammunition they can use to attack her and the Democratic Party leading up to the election.

President Biden should have insisted she visit the border sooner.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Catholic leaders

Regarding “In pressuring Biden, Catholic bishops forget lessons of JFK,” (June 23 Opinion):

Merriam-Webster defines catholic — with a small “c” — as “comprehensive, universal.” Inclusive.

I watch church leaders — in spite of anything Pope Francis says — deny a place to LGBTQ people, politicians who vote their conscience, and anyone else who isn’t Catholic enough. And that is why I have left the Catholic church.

Maggie Nelson, Monroe


In her June 23 NC Voices op-ed Sarah Haley of the Charlotte Reproductive Action Network states, “Abortion saves lives.” It destroys at least one of every two lives it touches. She writes of unwanted pregnancies. It’s unwanted babies. Except to save the life of the mother, abortion is a loathsome evil. Please do not tell me that I should be “pro-abortion.” May that never be.

Mark Costello, Matthews

2040 plan

Regarding “Charlotte City Council OKs 2040 Comprehensive Plan,” (June 22):

A 6-5 vote on such a major policy change doesn’t show compromise, nor faith, in the 2040 plan. People on both sides expressed their concerns strongly. The logical next step would be for City Council members to listen to each other and search for a compromise. There wasn’t enough data presented for all members to evaluate. This isn’t serving all of Charlotte.

Ann Marie Lloyd, Charlotte

Ann Marie Lloyd
Ann Marie Lloyd

NC speeders

The writer is a former member of the Governor’s Highway Safety Commission and on the national board of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Regarding “Newspapers’ investigation spurs push to slow speeders,” (June 20):

For decades, legislators have given occasional lip service to the deaths on N.C. highways after enterprising reporters expose the state’s failure to keep people safe from irresponsible and reckless drivers.

The lip service will continue, and innocent people will die, until the “honorables” in Raleigh hold people accountable with fines that stick and mandatory jail time — on weekends, if nothing else.

Reporters have done their job pointing out the government’s failure to protect us on our highways. Now, responsible officials, from the governor on down, need to take action that truly punishes dangerous drivers.

Cheryl Jones, Lincolnton

Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones

The common good

Regarding “McCaffrey, Darnold won’t say whether they got COVID vaccine, and that’s disappointing,” (June 20):

Is making a decision about a vaccination a moral Issue? Actions are judged morally on their effect on “the people of the common good,” however they are defined.

It would seem it is agreed that if more of us are vaccinated, fewer of us will be infected, die, or be permanently injured. While some will have ill effects from having the vaccination, the majority of us will benefit. That seems to say the act of refusing the vaccine puts our perceived benefit ahead of that of the common good.

I would not feel warm towards a teammate who refused to be vaccinated.

Albert Promislow, Charlotte

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