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Why it’s crucial for you to update to Windows 10 by July 29

If you’re still putting off your upgrade to Windows 10, the end is nigh. That’s because the free update period for the operating system is quickly approaching: If you don’t make the move before it’s up, you’ll shell out $120 to $200 you otherwise didn’t have to spend.

Since making the operating system available last year, Microsoft has been encouraging people to upgrade to Windows 10 to meet its goal of getting the OS on 1 billion devices by 2017.

That means millions of people have been getting that nagging little pop-up in the lower right corner of their computer screens telling them to download Windows 10. But since most people would rather get their teeth drilled than update their computers, a slew of Windows users have yet to upgrade to Windows 10.

Unlike Apple, which lets you update OS X free of charge whenever you want, Microsoft set a July 29 deadline for when you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. So what happens if you miss the deadline? You’ve still got options, but you’ll need to reach for your wallet.

For people looking for Windows 10 Home, you’ll be able to purchase or download the OS for $120 plus tax. If you want Windows 10 Pro, you’ll have to pay $200. If you updated to Windows 10 Home for free, but want to get Windows 10 Pro, you can upgrade for $100.

Outside of forking over your cash for Windows 10 after the deadline, there isn’t anything you can do to update your PC. But once you do make the switch, Microsoft says you’ll get free updates for the lifetime of the operating system, which is standard operating procedure for every version of Windows.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word as to whether that annoying Windows 10 upgrade pop-up window will go away once the July 29 deadline passes. Here’s hoping it does.

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