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Tudor Stomff Says The Future Of Work Is Borderless, With HYVE

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How did you get started? Share more about yourself and the environment you grew up in as a child… Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

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I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and thanks to my parents, I was exposed to technology at a young age. I developed a keen interest in it that only grew over time into a full-blown passion for tinkering with technology and eventually building it. As for my background, I studied electrical engineering before deciding to focus my attention on startups. Ever since making that decision, I've been fully committed to building useful products and getting them out in the world. Nowadays, I spend most of my time either learning about new technologies or trying to create them.

Did you always want to become an entrepreneur? How did it all begin?

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I didn't necessarily always want to become an entrepreneur; my passion was more about building things. Entrepreneurship, however, was the best medium to accomplish that at the time. Innovation requires financing, whether we like that or not, and so becoming an entrepreneur was the natural step if I wanted to go down this path. As for how my journey began, it all goes back to my good friend and co-founder, Dominic. We met and became friends somewhere around 9th grade and within a month or so after that, we had already started working on a product; an online tutoring platform.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, 100% of my focus is on building and expanding the HYVE Ecosystem. In short, HYVE enables borderless global collaboration between any two humans or any two machines. HYVE’s open infrastructure can power any sort of marketplace or service platform to exist on top of the ecosystem. At this moment, blockchain technology is quite hard to use, so we're making it easy, for both users and builders. The ecosystem as a whole brings quite a few innovations to the space, from self-governed organizations that we call Hyves to a protocol that enables tasks to become self-verifiable by design to mention just two of them.

You started this business in a competitive industry and became successful quickly. What’s your secret to success?

I strongly believe that success in business is cumulative. After we launched HYVE, our community and company grew quite quickly. However, this doesn't take into consideration the fact that we've been in the industry since 2013. Before we even took HYVE out of stealth mode, we've worked on it for an entire 3 years. I would say our secret to success has been an insane amount of preparation.

What makes you different from the other X in your industry?

On one hand, we bring a lot of innovation to the space with things that don't exist anywhere else, but perhaps an even more important aspect lies in the fact that HYVE is an ecosystem that is entirely based upon game theoretical incentives. I think this differentiates us from others in the industry. Every aspect of the ecosystem is built so as to always align the best interest of the individual user with that of the platform. Additionally, the end goal of HYVE is to become fully autonomous and community governed.

What is your vision for the future of your industry?

Blockchain still has a long way to go. It's an incredible technology with a long-term vision, but the infrastructure necessary for true global adoption is still being built at the moment. To put this in a perspective, if HYVE were not to exist, even at this very moment, it would be extremely complicated for someone to come and build a service platform or a marketplace that's fully decentralized. That's not to say it's impossible, but it would require an insane amount of work. So I would say, my vision for the future of our industry is that over the next 20 years this technology will become weaved into the fabric of our society. To get there, however, we need a lot of builders who are willing to put in the required work in order to make this dream a reality.

What is next for you?

At least for the next 4 years, I will be spending my time on making HYVE fully autonomous and globally adopted. I believe HYVE can help a lot of people, especially in less privileged countries, where being able to earn a side-income can be the difference that allows people to put food on the table. As for what comes after HYVE, who knows! All I can say is my desire to build things won't stop anytime soon.

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