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'Trudeau is a good looking guy and the president is like a fat blob': Scaramucci

Jessy Bains

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci sat down for an interview with Yahoo Finance Canada during the Toronto Global Forum.

Scaramucci, also known as “The Mooch,” isn’t on the best of terms with U.S. President Donald Trump these days.

Now, Scaramucci says Trump is “in severe mental decline” and unfit for office. And although he doesn’t think Trump’s trade war with China will trigger a recession before the U.S. election, it very well could after.

Trump hasn’t been shy about firing back, telling reporters in August that Scaramucci “didn’t have a clue.” He also called Scaramucci a “neurotic wreck” who called him constantly to get back into the administration.

Scaramucci praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for how he’s handled Trump, accusing the president of being intimidated by Trudeau.

“Trudeau is a good looking young guy and the president is like a fat blob, and looks disgusting,” Scaramucci says.

Scaramucci says Trump bullies people because he has the “self esteem of a pigeon.” He also says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has done a very good job during trade talks.

When asked about Canada as a place to invest, Scaramucci says it’s attractive for a variety of reasons, including trade deals with G7 partners, stable politics and better income equality.

Jessy Bains is a senior reporter at Yahoo Finance Canada. Follow him on Twitter @jessysbains.

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