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New Trackless equipment coming to Beaverlodge

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Town of Beaverlodge

Regular Meeting of Council

November 22, 2021

In Attendance: Mayor Gary Rycroft, councillors Cyndi Corbett, Judy Kokotilo-Bekkerus, Hugh Graw, Gena Jones, Cody Moulds, Cal Mosher.

New trackless equipment: Council approved $48,900 plus taxes and shipping for a used Trackless tractor.

The town currently has two Trackless tractor units, a series 5 and series 6; currently, the series 5 unit is in a state of disrepair, says Jeff Johnston, chief administration officer (CAO). The new one is from the Series 6 line.

The new tractor will be equipped with multiple attachments that will be useful to the town, said the CAO.

The attachments include a new brush, a boom mower, and snowblower, said Johnston, and will be interchangeable with the town's current series 6 unit.

“It'll improve our service level when it comes down to maintenance, whether it's in the winter or summer,” said Johnston.

Off-highway vehicles in town: Councillor Cody Moulds brought forward residents concerns regarding the recent amendment to the traffic bylaw that removed the use of off-highway vehicles in town.

Administration plans on focusing on education, not enforcement, in rolling out the new bylaw terms, said Johnston.

“It's our responsibility to educate, and that's really where we're targeting right now.”

He said he wants to try the bylaw over the winter and summer and learn how it impacts the town.

Though no formal plan has been determined, Johnston thinks there is an opportunity to have the town peace officer interact with residents and use a variety of media to explain the changes and why they needed to happen.

Council approved the amendments due to liability concerns of having uninsured and unregistered vehicles operating in town limits.

The CAO also told the News a town hall may be hosted in the new year where residents will have a chance to voice their concerns.

Council will have the bylaw back for review in September 2022.

Municipal Development Plan amendment: Council amended the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) to ensure a 50-year land supply to support the town's future growth.

“Annexation in co-operation with the county would secure a 25 to 50-year land supply for growth and set the boundaries for the future for the town,” said Johnston.

The town has not begun the negotiation process or even projected estimates of the size of future annexation with the county; the CAO said this piece was added to the MDP to ensure it is part of the town development.

Beaverlodge Christmas Craze: Councillors are looking to get involved in this year's Beaverlodge Christmas Craze.

The Beaverlodge Chamber of Commerce event will see town councillors lending a helping hand with Coun. Hugh Graw sourcing a tree, Coun. Gena Jones helping to judge the lighting contest and Coun. Cal Mosher offering up a helping hand for the horse and wagon rides. Expect to see other councillors out and about this Friday handing out candy canes, said Nichole Young, legislative services co-ordinator.

The event takes place tomorrow downtown, with wagon rides, hot chocolate, tree lighting, and extended shopping hours. For more information, check the Beaverlodge Christmas Craze Facebook page.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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