Toyota GT3 Car Test Gives an Early Look at Its Upcoming Sports Car

toyota gr gt3
Watch Toyota's Upcoming GT3 Car Test at FujiMark Whitelegge / Twitter

Toyota still has not shared any details on what exactly the 2022 GR GT3 concept is going to become, but development is continuing on the company's next racer. Footage from a wet test at Fuji last weekend shows development is continuing, leaving it on track to debut in the near future.

The clip of the car actually moving is just 15 short seconds and shows only one corner, but we can see that the GR GT3 retains the long hood and dramatic lines that were so striking on the original concept. Like all modern GT3 racers, the car has a massive rear wing and other major aerodynamic elements to produce significant downforce. The body kit is slightly less extreme than the one on the existing RC F GT3 the company races through its Lexus brand right now, though. While no engine has been announced, the fly-by sounds similar to that RC F GT3, which is powered by a 5.4-liter V-8 based on the 5.0-liter engine used in the RC F road car.


Toyota has not yet announced any road car for the GR GT3 concept to actually represent, but class rules stipulate that it would need to be based on a road car of some form. As a Lexus executive indicated to Road & Track last year, that car could ultimately wear a Lexus badge in North America and serve as a flagship for that brand's performance aspirations.

No timeline has been given for either the GR GT3's racing debut or the announcement of the road car it would represent.

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