Top 9 Upcoming Credit Repair Companies

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Financial Integrity Solutions

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Financial Integrity Solutions specialize in helping our customers with disputing items on their personal credit and we assist with attaining business credit. We take pleasure being able to assist each and every customer as they are our only customer providing them with excellent service.

M2J Consulting

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Has been around since 2002 and have helped hundreds of clients improve their credit scores by addressing issues with the credit reporting agencies as well as creditors. Not only have I worked to have mistakes cleared from erroneous credit reporting, but I have also included credit education as a tool to increase credit worthiness.

In order to determine what plan of action needs to take place, I always want to look at each of the credit reports with scores. I do this free of charge to ensure that our program is a good fit for before moving forward. Every client has a unique situation and calls for a custom solution.

To ensure that customer service is above and beyond, I have an online portal link that be found on our website so that you can follow along as the process continues to completion. The amount of time depends on your credit needs. I’ll be working with you one-on-one to make the most of my program for you. There is no shortcut to good credit and no template to process dispute letters. This is created just for you each month and changes regularly as needed.

Mike Ayres

Senior Credit Consultant

M2J Consulting, LLC Voice/Text 469-693-2682

Virtuous Credit Repair

Virtuous Credit Repair


We offer Rapid Credit Repair service because it helps our clients get another chance to become financially Free contact us for your financial freedom. One of Louisiana Top companies, we specialize in removing negative items from the credit report, Credit counseling, debt management, and more. During the pandemic, we have helped hundreds of our clients increase their credit scores.

Upward Bound Financial Solutions

CEO and Founder of Upward Bound Financial Solutions, Jessie Bickerton, is a credit consulting expert whose mission is to educate and help others achieve financial freedom. Jessie Bickerton discovered her passion after correlating a huge lack of education and resources on the topic of credit. “We are not taught about the importance and functions of credit in school. And many people are not taught at home, often due to lack of know-how from their own parents’. People are then taught to fear credit. My mission is to change this, to teach people how credit can become a tool, and continue to pass down the knowledge to each generation.” Jessie Bickerton has seen the devastation poor credit welcomes into one’s life, whether it be from being denied a home loan, car loan, being denied a rental application, or even denied a job. Through Upward Bound Financial Solutions, Jessie Bickerton helps remove items from credit reports including student loans, bankruptcies, tax liens, lawsuits, late payments, and more. Jessie Bickerton also provides tools and resources to build and maintain a client’s gateway to financial freedom. In addition to credit consulting, Upward Bound Financial Solutions also features tax preparation. They are also in the process of becoming Student Loan Specialists to assist with consolidation, default rehabilitation, payment reductions, and student loan forgiveness.


Dominion Credit Solutions

Name: Rodney R. Roberts

Rodney R. Roberts and Dominion Credit Solutions are changing lives as they teach people how to take their buying power back through financial literacy. Understand positive credit is just away to acquire wealth and build assets. All credit can be repaired, rebuilt and restored it just takes time! Visit us at

Good Life Credit Pros

Good Life Credit Pros founded by Evelyn Tolliver based out of California has helped thousands raise their scores to become homeowners, business owners, and new car owners. Ultimately saving thousands of dollars for their clients in interest. Specializing in credit restoration, debt elimination, tax services, personal and business credit building, and financial education. The team at Good Life Credit Pros is helping people improve their credit scores through a legally proven strategy to remove negative items. Offering monthly plans, one-time payments to cater to everyone’s budget. They are committed to helping the everyday people strive for financial freedom and credit worthiness.

Good life credit pros

Founder Evelyn Renee Tolliver



Taylor Kelly Owner of TK MELANIN ENTERPRISE one of the top credit restoration agencies located in Florida. We are a company that's not only about credit restoration. But also about building generational wealth & a better mindset. We want each one of our clients to have the knowledge & financial freedom to make generational wealth a tradition. We thrive every day to change the current and next generation's future. We also have an amazing program for our low-income mothers that need our highly top rated services most. Their children are our future. Let's set them up for success.

Major Wealth Financials

Major Wealth Financials is one of the most highly recommended credit repair companies in the heart of Antioch, CA. We work with the credit bureaus and creditors to fix and rebuild tarnished credit. Jenea and her team is highly dedicated to ensuring you attain the highest credit score possible and will work on your individual case to remove inaccurate information on your credit reports. We set high expectations for ourselves as a Credit Repair Company and take pride in knowing that so many people believe in us and that we are one of the BEST in the business. You can expect only the best service from our team of credit experts. We are here to assist you on the journey.

NR Credit Repair

Nakim Ra’Oof began working on his own credit goals. He began to develop his financial literacy by reading books, attending webinars, and working on his family's credit reports.

He acquired a passion for credit building in 2015 and helping families recover and regain financial independence. He began his business NR Credit Repair in 2016 so that he could help more people achieve their financial goals in his neighborhood. His business focuses on ensuring that each customer is informed about keeping a good credit record and building wealth. With his customers, he displayed loyalty and consistency that encouraged his customers to continue bringing business from family, friends and associates.

He continued to educate himself by successfully completing educational courses that were beneficial not only to him, but also to his clients. He is well known for always delivering exceptional customer loyalty, honesty, and ethics.

He has had a huge positive effect on the lives of his client, having supported clients in restoring their credit profile, he goes the extra mile by offering the value of credit and growing credit scores to his client