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Tim Burd Announces the Launch of

In Addition to Connecting Brands with Celebrities, will Offer Product Placements in Film and TV

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2019 / Tim Burd is proud to announce the launch of, a company he co-founded with Vito Glazers from One World Publishing.

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As Burd explained, in addition to offering product placements in movies and television shows, will help connect brands with celebrities and influencers so that they can collaborate together.

Burd was recently involved in an experiment that personally showed him how celebrity collaborations have the power to change lives in a positive way.

“We were approached by Serena DC , who is producing the television show True Love Story for Showtime,” Burd said, adding that the show stars a number of celebrities including Deepak Chopra, Bobby Brown, Ice T and many others.

Burd got to meet and briefly speak with Chopra-an experience that Burd said changed both his mindset and his life.

“What Deepak said about relationships really resonated with me. Simply put, you attract what you put out into the Universe, and he re-enforced the importance of communication in any relationship, which has not always been easy for me. He also stressed the importance of continuing to learn and grow as a person,” Burd noted.

When speaking with Chopra, Burd said he told him that passing on stories and information is definitely one of the most important purposes a person can have in life. While Burd has years of experience connecting people, he is now dedicating his life to it.

“I feel like I’m in line with my higher purpose, which is to help people connect in a society that is continually making that more difficult. I believe it is time to bring people together in a meaningful way,” Burd noted, adding that with, he is devoted to helping brands connect with celebrities that share their vision, as well as help bring their products to the people that need them the most.

“In a world of ‘social’ media, is society becoming more anti-social? Maybe. Will I be able to help bring people together with the communities and companies I am building? Probably. But will I make a noticeable impact on the world? Hopefully,” Burd noted.

About was co-founded by Tim Burd along with Vito Glazers from One World Publishing. The company will offer product placements in television and film and will also help to connect brands with celebs and influencers. For more information, please visit


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