THIRD PARTY PARENT SURVEY Validates the positive impact of the LEARN Online Tutorial Program, which is unique in the province of Quebec and may now be jeopardized due to government funding cuts

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MONTREAL, Feb. 8, 2023 /CNW/ - In January 2023, LEARN mandated the Canadian eLearning Network to conduct an independent assessment  for parents of students in the Online Tutoring program.

Parents responded to the 10-question survey and the results were used to create generalizations about the services' effectiveness and ability to address student learning success, motivation, and confidence. As part of the evaluation process, CANeLearn solicited comments from parents whose children were enrolled in the program during the course of the year in order to find out if LEARN's online tutoring met their child's needs and how the program could be improved.

Since 2016, LEARN has provided an Online Tutoring program after school hours, making it available to all students across the province and ensuring a truly equal service. Since its inception, demand has grown year after year, with over 35,000 tutorial sessions delivered last year. Demand for close to 50,000 sessions is expected this year, according to forecasts. Although the service has demonstrated popularity and a strong demand for the community, LEARN was recently informed by the Ministry of Education that the funding received via the Entente Canada-Quebec would not be enough to meet this year's demand. Even more perplexingly, it is being reduced so that only 31,000 sessions will be funded. This independent survey showed conclusively and quantitatively that certified teachers' one-on-one, 30-minute tutorials have a significant impact on numerous crucial criteria connected to academic success and student retention. The announcement that we will not be funded for the expected tutorial sessions will directly impact the overall learning experience and success of children across Quebec.

The results of the survey revealed that the Online Tutoring program had an overall positive effect and increased their child's self-confidence, motivation, academic success, and self-esteem. The survey also demonstrated that parents would continue using the program for their child(ren) in the future.


The four key results from the survey demonstrate the following:

  • 85% of parents reported their child was more confident

  • 85% reported that their child was motivated to learn after the tutoring program.

  • 80% saw direct improvements in grades or test scores

  • More than 97% of parents responding to the survey indicated they would recommend the LEARN program to other parents.

SOME SAMPLE COMMENTS FROM THE SURVEY (Over 400 comments were collected):

Positive Effects of the Program:

  • Our daughter started last year in high school failing her math tests and ended the year with the "Most Improved in Math" award thanks to her tutor. :)

  • I have been using this program for over 3+ years and in all the years and all the tutors for both children I have had only 1 negative experience with a tutor. The tutors have been magnificent and so helpful over the years.

  • All my kids look forward and enjoy their online tutoring. They seem to be more focused on their participation. My son gets his homework completed every time.

Parents specifically applauded the ability of the program to offer tutoring in French which helped their child:

  • My child's confidence and interest in French has increased, her teachers have said that she has become more confident and proficient in French

  • It was only three months since my children came to Canada, [and we] had a hard time because my children couldn't communicate at school, but I am proud to see my children's speaking skills improve gradually by going to school, taking classes, and receiving tutoring at learn.

  • The sessions have helped to regularize French speaking outside the class. This is great because we are an English household so there aren't always opportunities for my son to practice speaking French outside school

Child's ease of use with technology:

  • The generation nowadays are very comfortable with technology and with the new norm, my daughter has adapted well with using online. It's also less stressful for the family using online - no need to rush out to make it on time for tutor time.

  • I find it is actually more convenient because it can happen at home AND if confidence or anxiety is an issue, it is alleviated with being at home.

To read the full LEARN Parent Survey Results please visit:

The direct link to the published English report:

About the organization: LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec. LEARN accomplishes this by offering a wide range of resources and services at no charge for educators, students, parents and community members of the English-speaking community of Quebec. Its services and resources include elementary and secondary level teaching tools and content; professional learning; community, school and parental support; as well as a full range of online services (LEARN Online Tutoring, blended online learning, summer school and more) through the LEARN Virtual Campus. LEARN is the only organization with uniquely English-speaking representatives who come from both the public and private sectors dedicated to schooling at the K-11 levels and all its efforts contribute to student retention, academic success, and strong English-speaking communities.

LEARN provides an online tutoring services, at no charge, to support students at the elementary and secondary levels (gr. 2- 11) for the English-speaking community of Quebec. Our online tutors are fully qualified Quebec teachers, experienced in tutoring, review and consolidation. Families can make a request for a LEARN Tutoring appointment at               Facebook: @learnquebec        Twitter: @learnquebec 



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