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Gotcha! The best April Fool's pranks companies are pulling this year

Allan Shifman

If your shampoo was swapped out for Elmer’s glue or if someone changed your pleasant alarm chime to hardcore death metal, you’ve probably realized that it’s April Fool’s Day.

And of course, the trend nowadays is for companies to get in on the fun - and there’s no shortage of laughs to be had.

Here are some of the funniest one’s we’ve seen today. And remember... if something seems too good (or weird, strange or anything else) to be true, it probably is!


The Calgary-based airline has established itself over the past few years as one of Canada’s top pranksters, and this year is no different.

Here’s WestJet’s video, a parody of the now-infamous Fyre Festival:


WestJet’s low-cost carrier got in on the action themselves, with this nifty “recline-for-a-dime” promotion:

Tim Hortons

The Canadian coffee behemoth tweeted that it’s come up with the world’s largest Timbit:

Subscribe today - this one's not a joke!
Subscribe today - this one's not a joke!


The homegrown burger chain tweeted a pic that’s decidedly not a beautiful thing, the dessert burger, complete with a cherry on top:


And Harvey’s isn’t the only fast food chain getting in on the fun. McDonald’s produced this slick video for its “new” shake sauce. Dip at your own risk!:


Tech and search giant Google spared no expense with this video, a send-up of its popular Home device - Google Tulip:


The company is known for its machines that allow you to carbonate water in your own home or office, but they’ve teamed up with astronaut Scott Kelly on this hilarious alternative that uses human burps!:


The popular dating app said it’s coming out with height verification with the tagline “Say good-bye to height-fishing”:


The German carmaker went decidedly retro for their April Fool’s offering, with this tweet for the i-setta electric car:

Online furniture and home decor company Wayfair is tapping into the public’s love for the ever-faithful companion, the dog, with their dog registry service Groom’d:

Remember, don’t be the one that falls for the joke today! And tweet to us here and tell us about your favourites!

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