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TFI International Reports on Shareholders’ Voting Results for the Election of Directors

MONTREAL, April 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Board of Directors of TFI International Inc. (TSX: TFII, OTCQX: TFIFF), a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry, held its Annual and Special Meeting of shareholders earlier today. All candidates proposed as directors were duly elected to the Board of Directors of TFI International by a majority of the votes cast by shareholders present or represented by proxy at the Meeting, as follows:

  Number % Number %
Leslie Abi-Karam 62,649,529 99.87 79,429 0.13
Alain Bédard 56,645,783 90.30 6,083,175 9.70
André Bérard 56,138,181 89.49 6,590,777 10.51
Lucien Bouchard 62,518,782 99.66 210,176 0.34
Diane Giard 62,685,270 99.93 43,688 0.07
Richard Guay 55,275,221 88.12 7,453,737 11.88
Debra Kelly-Ennis 62,086,755 98.98 642,203 1.02
Neil D. Manning 61,185,198 97.54 1,543,760 2.46
Arun Nayar 62,049,691 98.92 679,267 1.08
Joey Saputo 56,562,363 90.17 6,166,595 9.83


TFI International Inc. is a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry, operating across the United States, Canada and Mexico through its subsidiaries. TFI International creates value for shareholders by identifying strategic acquisitions and managing a growing network of wholly-owned operating subsidiaries. Under the TFI International umbrella, companies benefit from financial and operational resources to build their businesses and increase their efficiency. TFI International companies service the following segments:

  • Package and Courier;
  • Less-Than-Truckload;
  • Truckload;
  • Logistics and Last Mile.

TFI International Inc. is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TFII.TO) and the OTCQX marketplace in the U.S. (TFIFF). For more information, visit

For further information:
Alain Bédard
Chairman, President and CEO
TFI International Inc.
(647) 729-4079