How Tareq Samara Is Generating Tons of Money for His Clients by Utilizing Secret Organic Tactics

The main goal for every business is to maximize profit. Tareq Samara is an online business consultant for coaches and course creators. Being privileged to speak to Samara, I wanted to know some facts about him, his story, and how he managed to be in the position he is in today.

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It all began in 2004 when Tareq Samara became a true addict to the internet. The technology of traveling all over the world by just clicking on a computer moved him so much. Through that passion, which grew, it led to the discovery of the world of eCommerce and digital marketing. He gained vast experience in the two areas, which helped him in coming up with several companies linked to recruitment, E-commerce, and internet business consulting in UAE, Jordan, and the US.

Looking up to today, Samara has gained a tremendous experience of 17 years. He decided to enter into a partnership with his genius friend Tariq Nsour, and they both founded Elite Digital Coach, the central platform where they assist coaches, experts, and course creators to start and grow their consulting business online using organic and paid traffic generation methods.

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Success does not come automatically; there are challenges he has faced along the journey. This is how he has managed it. Fine-tuning to the right mindset and handling negative individuals with their poisonous and doubting vibes.

When discussing his work, his specialization, and why one should work with him over the competition, this was his response. The two of them, Tareq and his business partner, have more than 27 years of internet experience supported with practical implementations in Digital Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce SMM, and Affiliate Marketing. Their focus is to make the highest revenue for their clients by using particular organic strategies within the shortest period of time.

And this is exactly how they helped one of their clients to raise her consulting fees from $240 USD all the way to $3,000 USD in less than 40 days! And another client where she gained three new high ticket clients in less than 2 weeks generating her more than $3,384 USD...

The advice he gives to the readers who wish to be successful in their lives is this: Feed your mind with essential knowledge the same way you feed your stomach with delicious food.

This is what Success means to Samara, “Having achieved all of our goals and being surrounded with like-minded people”.

The next thing for them is to build a business dedicated to teaching kids the proper use of technology.