In Switzerland, spiked spa building mimics the mountains

mariobottatschuggenbergoasespa1.jpegPhoto via My Modern Met

For the wellness center of Switzerland's high-brow Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Swiss architect Mario Botta aimed to "build without overbuilding," dreaming up incandescent barbs that mirror the structure's jagged natural soundings, or, as he writes, the "powerful landscape and where the ancestral fight between man and mountain is evident." Poking from the crags of the tourist town of Arosa, Berg Oase, which houses the hotel's gym, swimming pools, and spa, is at once geometric, regimented, and organic-looking, described by Botta as a "great volume [that] disappears into the earth," where "only the vegetal and, at the same time, mechanical 'antennas' emerge, marking the recreational and collective character of the structure." More beautiful photos, below.

mariobottatschuggenbergoasespa3.jpgPhoto via My Modern Met

mariobottatschuggenbergoasespa7.jpgPhoto via My Modern Met

mariobottatschuggenbergoasespa5.jpgPhoto via My Modern Met