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Super Bowl XLVIII Ads Preview: Muppets, Morpheus and British Villains

George Kennedy

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for getting together to watch one single event. TV viewership is as high as it is all year, and even folks that are not football fans tune in to watch. Knowing this, advertisers put down millions of dollars for 30- and 60-second TV spots. Not only is it ideal time for an ad, but it has become a form of entertainment for those watching who are not into the game. The Super Bowl Ad has become one of our nation’s institutions– for better or for worse.

With the great deal of emphasis put on these advertisements, the fever-pitch has gotten to the point where automakers are teasing Super Bowl ads. Yes– they are making previews for television advertisements for light beer, cars, and tacos. What a world.

To prove just how infatuated people have become with the TV spots for the big game, here are a handful of previews of Super Bowl Ads. We guarantee you’ll end up watching all of them in anticipation of the full ads, which run on Sunday, February 2, starting at 6:30. We hear they might even play football at some point as well…


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This one is a kind of meta-ad that hits the concept of Super Bowl TV spots right on the nose. Babies, puppies, twerking, hits to the groin– it’s all there! We would argue not enough hits to the groin.


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In this, we get a very “teaser” style trailer for an ad featuring the 2015 Toyota Highlander and actor Terry Crews. (Crews was actually in the NFL for various teams between 1991 and 1996.) Then we get our first glimpse of what the true Muppet fan will know as the Electric Mayhem Bus. The only Muppet we see is the Rowlf, the piano-playing dog, but that will have to suffice until next Sunday.


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The Korean automaker is rolling out its first-ever flagship luxury sedans, and that is going challenge a couple of preconceived notions. Kia is running with that idea, and employing the man who played Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy for a Super Bowl spot. This particular ad ran during the NFC Championship Game, but a new one will run, featuring Fishburne as a valet reenacting one of the key scenes of the first Matrix film. We’re kinda pumped to see this one.


Ben. Freaking. Kingsley. In an effort to promote the new F-Type, Jaguar has tapped a terrific trio of quintessentially British villains. If Jag is trying to emphasize the notion that “bad is good,” this seems to do the job.

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Here is Tom Hiddleston, who you might know as Loki from “Thor” and “Avengers”:

Mark Strong, who has played a villain many a time:

Finally, Sir Kingsley again:

We can’t wait for the Super Bowl– as well as these ads to air– on Sunday, February 2nd!