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The Super Bowl Commercial Live Blog

Matt Sullivan

Happy Super Sunday from the couch, where the act of eating food, attempting to enjoy football, and still watching all the commercials has become more complicated than ever. And not just because you have to run to the bathroom at some point. The Super Bowl has always been a showcase for Madison Avenue, and this year is no different, with CBS charging $3.7-$3.8 million for 30 seconds of ad time in a broadcast that's once again expected to draw over 100 million people. But following the advertisements isn't just like reading Playboy for the articles anymore: It's the year of the go-viral-or-go-home Super Bowl commercial in 2013, with teasershashtagscontroversiessuperstars, and a lot more details and prizes (you can go to space this year!) than you'll even find on YouTube. It's all a bit much, really.

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So we'll be updating this real-time history with video of every key spot, plus what people are saying online and at Super Bowl parties across America. Please excuse any slightly tipsy and/or grease-stained typos from our own.

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5:45: We're settling in with a beer here as the official CBS pre-game show (you know, after the last several hours of yada-yada-ing) welcomes in the high-profile ads in earnest (it's been a lot of teasers and Boomer Esiason eating Pizza Hut so far). As we mentioned, a lot of ads or at least those teasers are online already. To catch you up, check out six of our early favorites, the "racist" Coke ad, the banned anti-Coke ad, the one with the Jamaican accent, the Kate Upton thing, and the kid making out with Bar Refaeli. Oh, yeah, and Mayor Bloomberg's NRA attack ad. The folks over at Ad Age also have a nice preview of when each big ad is airing throughout the game.