Sudoku for Christmas

MIDDLEWICH, England, November 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The Sunpenny Publishing Group has launched a unique concept: Sudoku, but with beauty. Introducing the first in a line of full colour illustrated gift books, Sudoku for Christmas is a fabulous return to the "joy factor", opening up again that wonderful place inside us that visually gorgeous books once gave us. Essentially, these are picture books not just for children, but for adults of all ages.

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To be released on 4th December, in time for Christmas ordering, the book can currently be pre-ordered at all major online book stores. It comes in two flavours: the hardback gift in premium quality paper that can proudly be given as a full-on Christmas present (at £18.99 RRP), and the soft cover book more suited to a stocking filler (at £7.99).

According to Sunpenny's managing director, Jo Holloway: "There is nothing else on the market like this, and we at Sunpenny are very excited about being the first to allow grown-ups to revisit that spirit of tactile, visual wonder. Every child has at one time or another been given a fabulous book that brought out a sense of fantasy and made their spirits soar. We want to bring that back into people's lives - give them permission to soar again."

Eye-catching and unparalleled, Ms Holloway hopes that even at this late stage in the year the book might be picked up by a large superstore or chain bookstore who may want an exclusive to produce the books quickly and range them on the Christmas shelves.

"I really would like this book to be available in time for people to gift it to their loved ones this season," she added. "Life in recent years of the poor economy has brought a general depression to people, and I want this to be a gift that will at least bring a shaft of joy back into their experience this year."

This is a magnificent gift for the Sudoku-lover in your life. 110 pages of gorgeous Christmas graphics by a range of artists, with 52 puzzles - one for each week of the year. The puzzles range from medium through to challenging levels of difficulty.

The book will be closely followed by more in the series, targeting people's enjoyments, pastimes, and loves: Sudoku for Winter, Sudoku for Spring, Sudoku for Sailors, Sudoku for Bird Lovers, Sudoku for Horse Lovers … and more.

For more information please contact Jo Holloway directly on +44(0)1606-625045, +44(0)7730-434445, or email, or email Louise Kilburn, or Julie McGowan at