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Announced that its joint venture company (MYM owns 50%), BioHemp Naturals Growing & Farming Ltd. ("BioHemp"), has signed a purchase agreement for 163,000 lbs, of an estimated 675,000 lbs, of CBD-rich hemp biomass currently being grown at the Saskatchewan project. Under the terms of the agreement, the biomass is to be delivered in multiple shipments from the 2019 harvest with final delivery no later than Dec. 31, 2019. A deposit of $650,000 CAD has been received with all remaining payments to be made at the time of delivery. "We are delighted BioHemp has completed its first sale of CBD-rich hemp biomass that is currently being cultivated at the Saskatchewan project", said Howard Steinberg, CEO of MYM. "We are currently in discussions to sell the balance of the estimated 500,000 lbs of biomass with the hopes that it will all be sold by the end of July." MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. shares MYM:CNX are trading up 4.55 percent at $0.46.