Statement by Minister Hussen on Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month

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April is recognized as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month.

OTTAWA , ON, April 1, 2023 /CNW/ - April marks the beginning of Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month.

During this time, we remember the millions of victims who suffered and lost their lives to genocide. We honour the resilience and courage of all survivors and their descendants, as we strive to create a world where this atrocity is not only remembered but prevented.   

Genocide is any act committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The trauma of genocide carries on from generation to generation. We stand with the survivors and their descendants as they heal and rebuild their communities and histories.

As a country, we have a duty to denounce the atrocities committed against innocent people and recommit ourselves to ensuring that such tragedies never happen again. At the same time, we must also condemn those who deny or minimize the reality of genocide and hold them accountable. Let us reaffirm our commitment to protect the fundamental human rights and dignity of everyone in Canada and around the world.

As Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, I encourage Canadians to remember the victims of genocide and continue to consider the stories of survivors. Together, we will build a world where everyone can live in safety and dignity, free from the fear of violence and persecution.

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