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Sputtering Targets and Sputtered Films: Technology and Markets

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Report Scope: This report will cover all the sputtering targets and sputtered films material types that are actively being consumed in various applications. A separate section titled “Market Dynamics” includes detailed descriptions of the recent drivers and restraints in the sputtering targets and sputtered films.

New York, Sept. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces the release of the report "Sputtering Targets and Sputtered Films: Technology and Markets" -

The report includes a separate section highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on sputtering targets and sputtered films at the global level. The section will include the COVID-19 impact on supply and demand of sputtering targets and sputtered films, price impacts and various strategic decisions taken by governments to boost the market.

The market size and estimations are provided in terms of value ($ millions), using 2020 as base year.The market forecast will be given from 2021 to 2026.

Market sizes at the regional and country levels are also covered.The impact of COVID-19 was also considered when deriving the market estimations.

For companies reporting their revenue in U.S. dollars, the revenues are taken from their annual reports. For companies reporting their revenue in other currencies, the average annual currency conversion rate is used for the particular year to convert the revenue into U.S. dollars.

In terms of material type, sputtering targets and sputtered films are segmented into -
- Metals and pure elements.
- Oxides.
- Alloys and intermetallics.
- Others.

In terms of application, the sputtering targets and sputtered films are segmented into -
- Microelectronics.
- Data storage media.
- Advanced displays.
- Mechanical/chemical devices.
- Energy devices.
- Optical coatings.
- Others.

Report Includes:
- 96 data tables and 42 additional tables.
- An overview of the global markets and technologies for sputtering targets and sputtered films
- Estimation of the market size and analyses of the global market trends, with data from 2020, estimates for 2021, with projection of CAGR through 2026
- Analysis of new opportunities, challenges, and technological changes within the industry and highlights of the market potential for sputtering targets and sputtered films by material type, application and region
- Details of the milestones in the history of the sputtering process and recent events; latest developments in the sputtering process, and discussion on the impact of nanotechnology on sputtering targets and sputtered films industry
- Description of multi-station sputtering and cleaning system, roll-to-roll sputtering with in-situ annealing and other production methods
- Detailed analysis of the current market trends and forecast, relevant R&D activities and discussion of regulatory elements that are affecting the future marketplace
- Market share analysis of the key companies of the industry and coverage of events like mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations or partnerships, and other key market strategies
- Company profiles of major players in the market, including Corning Precision Materials Co. Ltd., Daido Steel, Furuya Metal, Hitachi Metals, Honeywell Electronic Materials, and Kobe Steel.

The global market for sputtering targets and sputtered films is highly fragmented with a large number of manufacturers present in the market, and manufacturers are focusing on expansion and acquisition activities to gain their competitive edges and to satisfy the increased demand. Many key players are focusing on significant investments in research and development (R&D) to introduce new compounding technologies that can increase product efficiency.

Sputtering targets and sputtered films are segmented into two primary segments -
- Material type.
- Application.

Sputtering targets are high-value products needed to manufacture thin films during sputtering, one of the most popular coating processes used by the advanced materials industry. Over the years, sputtering targets, based on a large number of materials and with various geometrical configurations, have become available to satisfy the requirements of an increasing range of applications.

These applications can be grouped broadly according to the following categories: electronics (including microelectronics, data storage devices and advanced displays), mechanical/chemical, energy, optical coatings and others (such as life sciences and nanotechnology).

This study details the latest developments in sputtering target technology, including target types, materials, fabrication processes and applications. It also provides a detailed market analysis by segment (material type, application and region), describing technical aspects and trends that will affect future growth of this market.

As shown in the Summary Table, the global market for sputtering targets is estimated to be valued at $REDACTED billion in 2020. A total of REDACTED million targets are projected to be used in 2020 for depositing almost REDACTED billion square meters of thin films for integrated circuits, other circuit devices, passive components,data storage devices, advanced displays, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, batteries, protective coatings,automotive and architectural glass, medical implants, sensors and instrumentation, and other applications.

The electronics sector (including microelectronics, data storage media and advanced displays) is the largest consumer of sputtering targets and is estimated to account for REDACTED% of all revenues in 2020. Growth within this industry is being driven by the rapid expansion of the advanced display market, which has offset, during the past two years, the reduced consumption of targets by the semiconductor and data storage media industries.

The energy sector also accounts for a significant share of the market, at REDACTED% of the total in 2020, although consumption of sputtering targets for fabrication of solar cells has decreased markedly since 2011. All the remaining applications have been characterized by moderate growth since 2011 resulting in a combined share of REDA CTED% in 2020.
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