Will Solutions and Salesforce become partners to structure, automate and accelerate Canadian climate actions.

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Will Solutions select Salesforce's Net Zero Cloud for Sustainable Communities' next-generation platform.

BELOEIL, QC, March 28, 2023 /CNW/ - Will Solutions (Will) and Salesforce have reached an agreement for Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce's sustainability platform, to power Will's Sustainable Communities (SC).

Will Solutions logo (CNW Group/Will Solutions)
Will Solutions logo (CNW Group/Will Solutions)

Will has aggregated and quantified GHG reductions from hundreds of buildings under its first SC in Quebec and converted them into carbon credits representing over 6.4 million tons of CO2eq (eq = equivalent). The company aims to improve its performance and productivity to recruit hundreds of thousands of buildings in its Sustainable Communities deployed on several continents and process the billions of transactions necessary to account for and monetize over 100 million tons of CO2eq in the coming years. This initiative is expected to have a multi-billion-dollar impact on the Canadian economy.

Net Zero Cloud is a high-performance solution with the capabilities to accelerate carbon footprint and carbon credit accounting for thousands of our members. Salesforce is constantly innovating in this area, with its latest solution, Net Zero Marketplace, being a perfect example.

"In order to reach our new goals, Will is accelerating its digital transformation program. Our improved traceability platform needs the capacity to process billions of transactions. Process automation and intelligence capabilities like Salesforce's Einstein AI engine are a must", said Francois Beaubien, CTO of Will Solutions.

"There is a need to be innovative in qualifying, quantifying, and verifying GHG emissions processes for our members. With the addition of transportation to our business model, we will need the ability to adapt and innovate quickly. Salesforce's commitment to sustainability and vision as a company makes them a technological partner and a trusted partner.", said Martin Clermont, President of Will Solutions.

Will Solutions is implementing Net Zero Cloud to power its carbon solutions, leveraging the Cloud-based architecture, processing, API, and AI capabilities of the platform. The deal includes multiple applications and components including Sales Cloud, Pardot Marketing Cloud, and CRM Analytics. Will Solutions will also look to leverage Salesforce's expertise and extensive network to achieve its objectives.

"Salesforce's vision is to use the full power of Salesforce to accelerate the world's journey to net zero. Sustainability is a core value, and we are proud to partner with Will Solutions to help significantly reduce carbon emissions in Canada", said Margaret Stuart, Country Manager, Salesforce Canada.

In other words, the company will thus increase its GHG reduction potential and improve the quality of its services by having less workload dedicated to low-value tasks and transaction management.

About Will Solutions
WILL Solutions Inc. (WILL) is a privately held Canadian company, BCorp. certified, with its head office in Beloeil, QC. The company is active in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) sector with the SC Project. WILL has a social philosophy based on sharing. It is based on two major axes: democratizing access to carbon credits by pooling local GHG reduction projects carried out by SMEs and NPOs and returning as much money as possible to these partners following the sale of carbon credits by WILL. WILL has been carbon neutral since 2007 and is committed to returning 10% of its net profit to community projects and initiatives supporting sustainable development.

About Sustainable Communities 
SC is a unique project to democratize access to the voluntary carbon market. The associated methodology VM0018 is the first agglomeration project methodology in the world validated and certified by VERRA (2012). SC aggregates GHG reductions into a one-stop shop for its members, primarily SMEs, municipalities and NPOs. The community and cluster-based business model, which includes hundreds of GHG reduction micro-projects, is intended to be a catalyst for local climate action to accelerate multi-sector decarbonization.  

By applying the good practices of qualification and quantification of GHG reductions such as single counting, permanence, conservative estimation, additionality, and non-association with social and environmental damages, SCs are by nature designed to generate high-quality carbon credits. In July 2020, SC was awarded the Solar Impulse label, recognizing effective and realistic solutions to protect the environment and society.

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