Canada markets closed
  • S&P/TSX

    -210.12 (-0.95%)
  • S&P 500

    -75.65 (-1.46%)
  • DOW

    -475.84 (-1.24%)

    -0.0043 (-0.59%)

    +0.43 (+0.51%)
  • Bitcoin CAD

    -3,697.30 (-3.99%)
  • CMC Crypto 200

    0.00 (0.00%)

    -12.50 (-0.53%)
  • RUSSELL 2000

    -39.43 (-1.93%)
  • 10-Yr Bond

    -0.0770 (-1.68%)

    -267.10 (-1.62%)

    +2.40 (+16.10%)
  • FTSE

    +71.78 (+0.91%)
  • NIKKEI 225

    +80.92 (+0.21%)

    +0.0013 (+0.19%)

How Social Media Is Being Used as a Platform To Teach Financial Literacy With Nayab Abbasi

Over the past year, our world has been turned upside down. Personal finance is one of the areas that has been most heavily impacted by COVID-19, forcing many Americans to realize the importance of financial literacy, budgeting, and planning. As a result, young millennials and Gen Zers have taken a keen interest in financial education, making “fin-fluences”, influencers who focus on personal finance, money management, and investment-themed content, all the rave.

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Nayab Abbasi, an up-and-coming ‘fin-fluencer’, is making a splash in the industry by specializing in helping young adults learn the power of budgeting to reach financial success. Combining her passion for helping people, especially young adults, learn the importance of personal finance and her knowledge of social media, she has found the perfect way to reach and guide as many people as possible.

Over on her Instagram account, Nayab shares digestible and relatable financial information. She wants to help the younger generation learn the importance of budgeting and how a community can truly help you succeed.


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  1. The importance of financial literacy. Nayab focuses on teaching her audience how to budget, what budgeting means for each individual, how to track finances, how to manage a savings account, how to build credit, the power of debt consolidation and many other financial topics. Most people approach finances with fear and uncertainty, which is why she explains each topic with simplicity. With detailed posts on a different topic every week, she offers specific tips and advice on how you can apply it to your lifestyle. COVID-19 showed how important it is for everyone to be better prepared for unexpected emergencies. Whether that is having an emergency fund always set up or learning how to reorganize your budget in times of uncertainty; Nayab has great advice and tips for your situation.

  2. The importance of having a supportive community around you. Nayab decided to partner up with knowledgeable people in the financial industry to create a community that offers advice, growth, and endless education, known as the Growth Gang. This discord group covers a wide range of topics including real estate, investing, personal finance, and more! The Growth Gang makes it even more accessible for young adults to begin taking control of their money and have a community to lean on.

The world is changing, it’s more crucial now than ever to have multiple streams of income. Social media has made knowledge and networking even more accessible for today’s youth. Nayab has big plans for her social media presence business-wise and hopes to take the entrepreneurial leap soon to help more people than ever before.