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This Smoothing Cream Is the Only Thing That Gives Me Frizz-Free Blowouts

·2 min read
rita hazan smoothing creme
rita hazan smoothing creme

Claire Harmeyer, HelloGiggles

Welcome to Game-Changers, a weekly series in which we reveal the holy- grail beauty products we're loving now—the ones that saved our hair, cleared our skin, and, in some way, changed our lives.

I've always been cursed with frizzy hair. Baby strands tend to stick straight up on the daily, and they're even more prominent when I reach for the blow dryer; I'm talking Lisa-Simpson-getting-electrocuted level of frizz. However, that was before I discovered a product that not only eliminated my post-blowdrying frizz but gave me smoother hair than ever: The Rita Hazan Smoothing Crème (a 2021 Beauty Crush Award winner!).

This multitasking product (it doubles as a humidity shield and heat protectant, too) has totally changed my at-home blowout game—so much so, that I actually look forward to blowdrying my hair now. My approach to the tedious hair care ritual used to be simple: get it done ASAP. But since making the Rita Hazan Smoothing Crème a key part of my routine, I no longer dread doing the deed.

After towel-drying my freshly clean hair, I squeeze a dollop of product into my palm, rub my hands together, and run them over the top of my head and through all of my wet hair. The product is invisible in my hair, unlike some other creams, and it feels extremely lightweight. Plus, it's one of the loveliest scents I've ever smelled in a hair product; seriously—I wish I had a candle of this stuff. The aroma is refreshing and clean, like stepping into a soothing spa, and it lingers in my hair after using.

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After blowdrying with this product in my hair, my typical frizz is tamed to the max—maybe a few lingering hairs remain, but I can use a little more product to flatten them afterward. Full disclosure: I haven't always prepped with heat protectants before using hot tools, which didn't help my case when using a hairdryer. But once my love affair with the Rita Hazan Smoothing Crème began, I was happy to learn that it doubles as a heat protectant, too. Now, I feel good about using hot tools after applying this product.

The price is more than I'd typically spend on a haircare product, but one bottle has lasted me four months and counting—and I use it almost every day. It's totally worth spending a little extra cash for frizz-free blowouts at home. Knowing every day is a good hair day when I use this cream, I'm always ready to attack the day, frizz-free.